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About Socrethics






Socrethics is a catenation of Socrates and ethics and refers to the Socratic Way of Thinking.

Socratic philosophizing is a seeking of truth, as opposed to proclaiming the truth.



The topic of the Socrethics papers is an examination of the Buddhist Truths.

In the tradition of Socrates the Buddhist Truths are considered as theses, which are open to falsification: see Socrethics Introduction.

The wider context is a comparison of critical and doctrinaire thinking; see The Teachings of Philosophy [German]



Socrethics was inspired by an ETH research project on the history of therapeutic philosophy.

From a historical perspective the boundaries between philosophy, psychotherapy and religion are fluent.



Bruno Contestabile (author)

Michael Hampe (main discussion partner, co-author of Philosophy as Therapy)

Thomas Metzinger (discussion partner for selected topics)



The website www.socrethics.com is sponsored by the Socrethics foundation [German]

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