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Practical Philosophy


A Socratic Examination of the Buddhist Truths

by Socrethics




Introduction to this Website [link]


Biological and Cultural Evolution


The Biological Evolution of Pain

The Cultural Evolution of Suffering

An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Free Will  [German]

Short History of Welfare Economics


Secular Buddhism


On the Buddhist Truths and the Paradoxes in Population Ethics  

The Denial of the World from an Impartial View

Negative Utilitarianism and Buddhist Intuition

Secular Buddhism and Justice


Negative Utilitarianism


Negative Utilitarianism and Justice

Antinatalism and the Minimization of Suffering

Population Ethics – A Compromise Theory

Negative Preference Utilitarianism

Why I’m Not a Negative Utilitarian – A Review

Negative Utilitarian Priorities


Philosophy as Therapy


Philosophy as Therapy – Introduction

Indian Sources of Hellenistic Ethics

Philosophy as Therapy – A Review

Moral Perfectionism and Justice  [German]

The Good Life in Philosophical Films