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Practical Philosophy


A Socratic Examination of the Buddhist Truths

by Socrethics





Introduction to this Website



Biological and Cultural Evolution


1   The Biological Evolution of Pain

2   The Cultural Evolution of Suffering

3   An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Freedom of Will  [German]

4   Short History of Welfare Economics



Secular Buddhism


1   On the Buddhist Truths and the Paradoxes in Population Ethics  

2   The Denial of the World from an Impartial View 

3   Negative Utilitarianism and Buddhist Intuition

4   Secular Buddhism and Justice



Negative Utilitarianism


1   Negative Utilitarianism and Justice

2   Antinatalism and the Minimization of Suffering

3   Population Ethics – A Compromise Theory

4   Why I’m Not a Negative Utilitarian – A Review

5   Negative Utilitarian Priorities



Philosophy as Therapy


1   Philosophy as Therapy – Introduction

2   Indian Sources of Hellenistic Ethics

3   Philosophy as Therapy – A Review

4   Moral Perfectionism and Justice  [German]

5   The Good Life in Philosophical Films